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Luxury hotels Budapest - Callas House


Luxury hotels Budapest: the charm of Callas House

When we walk along the luxurious avenue of Andrássy Avenue in the heart of Budapest, a special building appears next to the Hungarian State Opera House, which is not only located in the aristocratic heart of the city, but almost blends into its surroundings as well. This is Callas House, a boutique hotel that is the perfect choice for those looking for luxury.
Luxury hotels Budapest

Luxury hotels Budapest: turn-of-the-century Budapest in the modern era

The Callas House was designed to combine the splendor of turn-of-the-century Budapest with the needs of the modern age. The interior of the hotel is presented as a real work of art, where every detail evokes the beauty of the past, while it is equipped with the most modern furnishings. Premium quality can be felt in the decoration and furnishing of the hotel, the uniquely designed furniture and high-quality materials radiate comfort and elegance.

Luxury hotels Budapest: in the upscale district

Rooms at Callas House are a real refuge from the noise of the city. Each room is individually decorated to ensure that guests can fully enjoy their stay. The combination of delicate fabrics, hand-selected decorative elements and spacious, well-lit spaces makes this place truly special. Modern technology in exclusive rooms, such as smart TVs and fast internet connections, all contribute to making guests feel comfortable.

Luxury hotels Budapest in the city’s luxury avenue

Callas House is not only a place to relax, but also an inspiration. Every nook and cranny of the hotel suggests the harmony of past and present, inspiring guests to discover Budapest's hidden treasures. The design is so unique and multifaceted that it is guaranteed to appeal to those who want to spend their time in an eye-catching and stylish environment.

Callas House is the perfect choice for those who are looking for luxury in everyday life. Luxury shops, exclusive restaurants and cafés in the immediate vicinity of the hotel allow guests to enjoy all moments of shopping and relaxation in one place. The hotel itself offers a fantastic location; Callas Café & Restaurant, which is not connected to the hotel, but guests can enjoy breakfast in this restaurant in a separate room designed for this purpose. 

We highly recommend Callas Café at other points of the day, as in addition to great coffees, cocktails and fantastic food, visitors are also enchanted by the atmosphere of the place and excellent hospitality.

Luxury hotels Budapest, next to the Opera

The unique location of Callas House, right next to the Hungarian State Opera, is a special attraction for those interested in art. A visit to the beautiful building of the Opera and world-class performances here is a real cultural experience, which can be perfectly complemented by a night spent at Callas House.

For those who come from further afield to attend Opera House performances, Callas House offers the highest comfort and excellent location. Guests can enjoy moments before and after the Opera as it is just steps away. This gives you the opportunity to prepare for the evening with a glass of wine or a light dinner before the performance, or to continue the evening after the performance in the pleasant surroundings of the Callas Café & Restaurant.

Luxury hotels Budapest with unparalleled elements 

We can say that Callas House is more than just a hotel; It is a place where guests can experience all elements of luxury. Where history and modernity blend elegantly and where care and quality are felt in every detail. For those looking for a truly unique and memorable experience in the heart of Budapest, Callas House offers the perfect haven.
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