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Andrassy hotel - Callas House


Andrassy hotel: when history meets modern comfort

Andrássy Avenue, one of Budapest's iconic boulevards, has always represented the vibrant life and elegance in the heart of the capital. Among the imposing buildings along the road listed as a World Heritage Site, Callas House occupies a special place, which opened its doors in 2016 to give a new splash of color to the hotel industry in Budapest. This hotel is not only a place to stay, but also a work of art combining historical and modern elements, which rightly boasts its special guest rooms and exclusive surroundings.
Andrassy hotel - Callas House

Andrassy hotel in art deco style

The Callas House is housed in one of the monumental buildings on Andrássy Avenue, which originally bears the characteristics of Art Deco and Art Nouveau style. During the design of the hotel, special attention was paid to providing comfort to the guests by preserving the original architectural elements, yet satisfying all modern needs. The unique and intimate guest rooms offer a real and unusual experience to all visitors, who can find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the modern world in this historical atmosphere.

Andrassy hotel: excellent public transport options

Callas House is located in one of the most frequented places of Budapest, on Andrássy Avenue, where cultural life and a range of fashionable shops make the area really attractive. Andrássy Avenue is more than just a street; This place is one of the central elements of Budapest's cultural and historical heritage, easily accessible by public transport. Metro stations, bus and tram stops in the immediate vicinity of the hotel ensure that guests can explore the rest of the city quickly and comfortably.

Andrassy hotel: exclusivity and style 

Callas House is the perfect choice for those who prefer exclusivity. The series of luxury shops on Andrássy Avenue in the immediate vicinity of the hotel ensures that guests interested in high-fashion can also find the most suitable style and quality products. 

Located next to the House, Callas Café & Restaurant also offers high quality for cocktails, coffee and dining, waiting for everyone who wants to eat in a worthy place or just taste delicious drinks.  

In the restaurant, Callas House offers its guests a great breakfast in a separate area, where they can enjoy their first delicious meal of the day in a calm and elegant environment. This specially designed area provides the perfect setting for a pleasant breakfast, allowing guests to start their day in peace. With fresh strength and good cheer, you can dive into the exciting bustle of Andrássy Avenue, discovering the cultural and shopping opportunities of the area.

Andrássy hotel: high level guest experience

At Callas House, all guests are guaranteed a high level of service and a guest-centered approach. The hotel staff will pay attention to every detail to make your stay unforgettable and comfortable. In addition to the unique furnishings of the rooms and the special atmosphere, the hotel's restaurant also offers excellent gastronomic experiences, where visitors can discover the masterpieces of traditional Hungarian cuisine, served in a modern guise.

Andrassy hotel: cultural connections

Callas House is closely linked to the heart of Budapest's cultural life, making it easy for guests to take part in the city's artistic and cultural events. Nearby theatres, museums and galleries ensure that guests interested in culture can enjoy a rich and meaningful program.

Callas House on Andrássy Avenue is a unique accommodation where history and modern comforts are in perfect harmony. If you want to be part of this special experience, visit Callas House and immerse yourself in the luxury that you can only experience in Budapest heart.
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