Zsigmond Komperz, a wealthy trader and banker commissioned architect Vilmos Freund to design a neo-renaissance style Palace for his family in Budapest. Work was completed in 1881, one year before the opening of the Hungarian Royal Opera House on Sugár Avenue (today called Andrássy Avenue). The building is now classified as a national and historic architectural monument.

Károly Seemann opened his café, Szecesszió, on the ground floor. However, it was renamed Windsor in 1919. In the 1920s, it functioned as a bureau of the English-Hungarian Bank, then years later the Opera Clothing Company operated in the building. The ground floor regained its function as a café in 2006, and it has become a real jewel-box along Andrássy Avenue, a World Heritage site. Both Callas Café & Restaurant and Callas House have an art déco style in accordance with the design of the celebrated architect David Collins. Among many of his great masterpieces, it is worth mentioning restaurants such as Gordon Ramsay’s, The Wolseley in London, The Ritz Carlton Residences in Bangkok, The Hilton Prague Old Downtown, or even Madonna’s luxury apartment.